Tenant Legal Liability

First in Protecting, You and Your Home.

With our Tenant Legal Liability coverage, landlords and property managers have an easy-to-manage solution for tenant-caused property damage losses. This includes customizable limits of liability for fire, smoke, water damage and additional causes of loss.



This fully customizable policy adds an additional layer of protection to your current coverage. One policy can protect all your properties within a state, and you have total control over the policy, so your tenants cannot cancel or stop payments. With virtually no paperwork and no follow-ups or tracking involved, this is the property owner’s dream turn-key operation.

With Tenant Legal Liability, who owns the policy?

The owner/landlord/property management company actually owns and controls the policy.

What coverage does the tenant get?

Tenants’ are typically held liable for the damage they cause. Since most tenants don’t have the means to pay for a significant loss, your property insurance policy incurs the loss, and your premium is likely to increase. With TLL in place it decreases their liability.

Is this renters insurance?

No, this is not renters insurance. Renters insurance is purchased by the renter and commonly covers, but not limited to liability and personal property.

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