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First in Protecting, Your Products.

First in Protecting, Your Products.

Specializing in Manufacturing Coverages

Our manufacturing clients benefit from our understanding of the current insurance marketplace, trends, and our strong relationships with the key insurance companies specializing in the manufacturing industry. Our clients also benefit from our multi-state capability and our ability to provide high liability limits and property capacity.

Specific Needs

We have a thorough understanding of the exposures and operations for a wide-range of manufacturers—from aircraft part manufactures, to food processors and manufacturers, to metal manufacturing. We know that each manufacturer will face unique risks (e.g. aircraft products/grounding liability, food products recall, etc.), and we have the expertise to provide each operation with a comprehensive risk management and exposure review.

Workers Compensation

We understand that workers compensation is a major exposure for manufacturers. We can offer in-house loss control services and implementation, access to carrier resources, and other key supporting programs. We understand that cost reduction through claims mitigation is a critical part of the risk management strategy for manufactures, and we have the resources and expertise to incorporate this effectively in our clients’ overall insurance program.

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