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Here at First Underwriters, we specialize in all businesses, from single storefront to large chains. We understand the challenges facing a Business Owner, Manager and the C-Suite. Protecting you against these challenges successfully is a key focus of ours. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.
I am Dan Weedin, Commercial Risk Consultant at First Underwriters.

Dan Weedin is our business guru

I bring over 30 years of insurance industry experience to First Underwriters. I’ve worked as a company underwriter, commercial insurance broker and risk expert for small and medium-sized companies. Since 2005, I’ve owned my own business as a solo practitioner consultant. That means I fully understand the stress and pressure of owning and managing a business, and how to most effectively protect operations and profits.

My main goal at First Underwriters is to help you, the CEO, the CFO, and the small business owner to better understand the insurance industry and help shape First Underwriters’ products and services to best meet your needs. I regularly provide ongoing training to First Underwriters employees to help them understand the unique needs of those in business. With over three decades in the business world, as both an owner and an employee, I have first-hand experience that helps me understand the challenges you face, and detailed knowledge of business regulations. My experience coupled with a background in insurance loss control can help answer and provide solutions to any issues that may arise.

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What gets you excited about working with businesses?

I love learning how people take a passion and create a business to fuel their lives. I’m always inspired by the innovation, creativity, and courage of business owners. It’s that bold risk-taker that I most enjoy working with side by side to assure that their hopes and dreams are met by avoiding or deftly maneuvering around the calamity that is ever present in business. It’s that challenge that I find fun and rewarding.

How does your business experience help First Underwriters clients?

I’ve been fortunate to be around many successful mentors and coaches (in and out of business) who have helped me learn how to grow my company. I’ve learned about how to best prevent and mitigate risk; how to build a marketing plan that works to acquire and keep customers; and how to develop leaders and avoid organizational amnesia (which can’t be insured). Bottom line, my experience will help any company become improve, grow, and provide wealth to the owners.

What advice would you give a business owner who is stepping into their own business for the first time?

Get help. Being a lone wolf never works. Find trusted advisers, mentors and coaches, and groups of peers to help you develop. The biggest mistake I see new business owners make is isolating themselves because they think because they know their product or service, they know how to manage people and run a profitable business. You still need a strong team.

What would you like to accomplish during your time with First Underwriters?

I’d simply like to help business owners enjoy their experience more and keep more money to fuel their life. Being your own boss should be fun, and the fruits of the labor benefit both family and employees. By being able to safeguard the business, I can help business owners enjoy life more.

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