Become a Producer

A healthy insurance marketplace must enable buyers of insurance to exercise choice. The coverage needs, financial capacities and risk characteristics of the buying public are varied and ever changing. As insurance buyers in a dynamic marketplace, access to a vast range of products with various degrees in value propositions for the insured is critical to growing a successful agency business.

Therefore, First Underwriters, Inc. has a robust portfolio of product tiers issued through multiple insurance carriers to create a virtual insurance marketplace in which producers can efficiently provide policyholders choice, and subsequently, close sales. First Underwriters provides producers a quoting mechanism through which the risk characteristics of prospective policyholders are electronically identified and triaged at the point of sale so that multiple policy solutions can be priced and sold without the need for exhaustive, time consuming, trial and error pricing work by insurance agency representatives.

First Underwriters couples ‘best in class’ brokerage security with ‘best in the business’ client service. First Underwriters risks no element of customer satisfaction by outsourcing various aspects of its operations. First Underwriters, or its subsidaries/affiliates, deliver every element of the customer experience including product design, pricing, underwriting, policy issuance, policy administration, billing and claims.

First Underwriters, Inc. offers the singularly best vehicle to grow your client base and market share. We invite you to allow First Underwriters to enable your business success.

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