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The attorney-client relationship is filled with a host of professional duties. Commercial General Liability Insurance carried by law offices for ownership, maintenance or use of their premises does not cover claims for professional errors and omissions. That “coverage hole” is addressed by Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance.

Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance was created in the latter half of the 20th Century. The market for this coverage still consists of a small group of insurance companies that use their own policy forms. Such policies offer common features that are often modified to meet the needs of an individual firm.

Basically, such policies insure lawyers and their firms against claims and lawsuits alleging damages caused by an individual lawyer’s (or firm’s) actions regarding the providing of (or failing to provide) legal services. The coverage is also known as legal malpractice coverage because it addresses disputes about harm created by mistakes made by lawyers. Examples would include missing filing guidelines, erroneously constructing contracts and other actions that financially damage clients.

Coverage is on a claims-made basis, meaning that coverage depends upon when a potential loss is first reported to the insurer. A claim is subject to a specified deductible as well as to a specific limit per claim and an annual aggregate limit. Expenses related to handling a claim are included within the policy’s limits of liability.

Coverage applies to the firm, a specified predecessor firm, and each past or current partner, principal, shareholder, salaried employee, and “of counsel” attorney. It applies to a wrongful act taking place anywhere in the world (though some policies require that a claim be made and suit brought in the United States, its territories or possessions, or Canada).

Lawyers’ Professional Liability policies generally exclude coverage for various reasons, such as allegations of fraud, dishonesty or criminal acts, or acts that are committed for personal profit. There is no coverage for claims made (suffered) by an insured. In general, exposures for which other types of insurance are specifically designed are not covered.

Lawyers Professional Liability Team

Managing a law practice is challenging. That is why we have developed innovative solutions to assess and manage risk so our law firm clients can focus on their practice and its strategic goals. We understand the unique exposures attorneys face, and we can provide the guidance and claims expertise your firm needs to succeed in challenging times.

Our law firm clients seek long-term partnerships, competitive market rates, and consultative advice. We are able to answer those needs and go beyond the standard insurance placement by offering industry-related solutions specifically for attorneys, including malpractice audits and educational seminars.

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