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First Underwriters specialty and focus is businesses. We understand their coverage needs best and can provide a solution at an affordable price. Our extensive list of insurance providers allows our clients to select the coverage they need to protect their business assets and have peace of mind. We have access to every product that a business would need to be protected.

Design and engineering work can often be a complicated process involving multiple parties with extremely high expectations. In an ever evolving industry with intense scrutiny and rigid demands,design professionals are facing increased risk of litigation.

To ensure the appropriate parties are protected, it is important to tailor coverage to adequately limit your clients exposure to the risks related to their professional services. As a leading wholesale insurance provider, First Underwriters can connect you to Architects and Engineers E&O Coverage, which provides clients with financial restitution when held liable for errors, omissions, professional negligence, remediation or other design related risks.

The quick response team at First Underwriters understands the specific issues your clients face and can provide instantaneous, intelligent solutions.

Apply Now by completing the form below and get the First Underwriters confidence behind your business, too. If you prefer, you can call us at 1-888-58URFIRST and speak with a First Underwriters professional, Monday thru Friday from 8am-5pm PT.